Brass City Charter School

Partnership Programs


BCCS is collaborating with the Connecticut Science Center to offer an intensive science-enrichment program based on a method called “inquiry-based learning” that reflects students’ natural curiosity and inquisitiveness. Students learn how to ask questions, make observations, plan investigations, develop and test explanations, and then discuss and debate results with others. As a result, students gain science-inquiry skills and increase their understanding of grade-specific science concepts.

This initiative has been made possible by the generosity of the Leever Foundation.

RULER - Yale Center for Emotional Experience

We are excited to implement RULER this year in order to support our deep belief that FEELINGS MATTER. According to the Center:

RULER is an evidence-based approach for integrating social and emotional learning into schools. RULER applies “hard science” to the teaching of what have historically been called “soft skills.” RULER teaches the skills of emotional intelligence — those associated with recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing, and regulating emotion. Decades of research show that these skills are essential to effective teaching and learning, sound decision making, physical and mental health, and success in school and beyond.

RULER creates schools that are true safe harbors for our children. It does this by developing emotional intelligence in students and in all adults involved in their education: school administrators, teachers, and support staff. Parents also participate in training so that they can reinforce the emotional skills that students learn at school. 

This initiative has been made possible by the generosity of the Grossman Foundation.